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Hi there 👋

So, here's the thing... my publisher has decided to change the title of my debut novel. And when your publisher changes your book's title... you get to have a title reveal! 😄🎉

I’m thrilled to show you the final title for my debut YA thriller: ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS.

All Your Twisted Secrets

Ahhhh! I’m so excited!

As you might know, I announced my book deal with the title THE LAST HOUR, but knew this might change — it’s pretty common for publishers to change a book’s title before the cover reveal. After all, they’re the experts in what's marketable and will best resonate with a book’s target audience.

In fact, I was pretty relieved. There's coincidentally been an influx in books titled “The Last Hours” or similar over the past year, including Cassandra Clare’s new “The Last Hours” series — and her popular books will appear first in the search results whenever readers search for "the last hour." Books share titles all the time, so this is nothing new. But the marketer in me wanted a more unique title. I’m so happy I got my wish!

And here’s the description for ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS on Goodreads (add it to your TBR shelf here!)

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“Seventeen-year-old aspiring film score producer Amber is convinced she’s going to die tonight—from nerves, that is. She’ll be trapped at a scholarship dinner with the boyfriend she plans to dump and the nerd crush who’d take the blame—and a blow from her boyfriend’s fist. But the scholarship is a ruse, and when an unseen captor locks her and five other students in the deserted restaurant, they find a note, a syringe filled with poison, and a bomb. The note reads: “Within the hour, you must choose someone in this room to die. If you don’t, everyone dies.”

Determined to get everyone out of the room alive, Amber orchestrates friends and foes alike to work together to find a way out—and keep the tension with her selfish boyfriend from imploding. But as she grapples with the clashing personalities of her almost-ex, her former best friend, the queen bee, the stoner, and the nerd, the bomb’s timer ticks down. Confusion turns into fear, and fear morphs into panic as they race to uncover who locked them in… and who’s going to die.”

More fun news from abroad

I’m also ecstatic to share the news that ALL YOUR TWISTED SECRETS is coming to France! Thank you so much to Albin Michel for buying the French rights, and to the agents who made this happen: Aurelie Lefebvre, Lauren Abramo, and Jim McCarthy. France has always had a special place in my heart — the first novel I ever wrote is set in Paris, as is the novel I’m working on now. So it’s pretty serendipitous for my first foreign sale to be in France! 


Of course, the deal happened before the title change, so… yeah. Title changes can be a bit confusing.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for a cover reveal within the next couple of months.

Book recommendation

Contagion by Erin BowmanThis month, I'm recommending Contagion by Erin Bowman. A crew goes on a rescue mission after getting an SOS from a work detail on a distant planet. They discover an abandoned work site littered with dead bodies and must figure out what happened — before whatever wrecked havoc kills them, too. 

This was a terrifying page-turner, with a diverse cast of characters, a couple of fantastic twists, and stellar writing. Erin does a great job building up the tension. Once I got to the 30% mark, I could NOT put it down, and read the rest in one sitting. If you love creepy sci-fi/horror mashups, you'll love this book.  

Hope you have a great week!

❤️ Diana

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